Food safety in times of covid-19

Discover how ICONSS can (1) help retailers provide safe foods to vulnerable consumers and (2) facilitates online food shopping.

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only brought the issues related to the disease. As side effect, it is putting to the test many other aspects of business and life. Although the impacts of the disease seem all negative at this point, it is changing our perception of safety and is also bringing the opportunity to improve the way we work. This applies no less to food safety and delivery. A major question of consumer ordering food online during the first wave of corona was if the food was potentially handled by infected staff and if the boxes packed for online delivery could be contaminated. Several retailers have addressed these concerns and  implemented strict hygiene concepts. Yet, more can be done to reassure consumers that the food packaged by staff and delivered by either retailer or third-party couriers are safe.  And there is a another issue that needs addressing: especially for people with specific dietary requirements (e.g. diabetes, food allergy) online shopping has become more difficult as there are no longer “free-from” aisles to be visited, but catalogues of many items have to be searched and ingredient lists read. These are the two aspects where ICONSS seeks to improve processes and facilitate a healthy selection of products for people with specific dietary needs that are then delivered safely to the consumer.


Publication date

11 September, 2020

Article author

Carmen Diaz-Amigo

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